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Centenary of the National Office of Veterans and War Victims

france-war-victims-office-centenary-stampThe National Office of Veterans and War Victims (ONACVG) celebrated its 100th anniversary in March 2016. Born with the First World War, ONACVG was enriched with the facets of its founding missions of recognition and reparation. Today, its motto “Memory and Solidarity” recalls that the Office is fully committed to the preservation of the material and moral rights of the combatant world, but also in the transmission of its values. Since its inception, the main activities of the Office have been to exercise the recognition and solidarity of the nation towards those affected by war, through the allocation of various cards, titles and financial assistance. The Office is, in fact, the “single interlocutor of proximity” of the combatant world. It is responsible for recognising and redressing the prejudice suffered. Finally, in recent years, the Office has been fully involved in transmitting the memory of the combatant world. This role has been extended to the maintenance, renovation and memorial or museological development of national necropolises and certain high places of national memory. Sources: ONACVG

Issue Date: 18.11.2016 Designer: création Stéphan Agosto, mise en page Bruno Ghiringhelli, © Dassault Aviation, S. Randé. Process: Helio Size: 30 x 40.85 mm Values: 0.70€

Book Fair: Brive-la-Gaillarde

Brive-la-Gaillarde developed around the priory of Saint-Martin, around whichfrance-book-fair-stamp two fortified fortifications were erected, which by their magnitude valued the city the title of “Gaillarde” as from the 14th century. Among the architectural heritage of Brive, the hotel of Labenche testifies to the civil architecture of the XVIth century, Renaissance style in rupture with the medieval constructions surrounding. Classified as a historic monument in 1886, it now houses the Municipal Museum of Art and History. For 30 years, the city hosts the Book Fair under the Halle Georges Brassens – from 4 to 6 November in 2016 – which also houses the festival of breeding and several fairs.

Issue Date: 18.11.2016 Designer: Création et gravure Eve Luquet Process: Taille-Douce Size: 60 x 25 mm Values: 0.70€

Crafts: Jewellery

france-craft-stampJewellery is the second stamp of the Crafts series created in 2016. On the stamp we find the workbench with the “linchpin” on which the jeweller places the workpieces; Around him some tools are present. Two jewels illustrate his work, an ancient jewel:  The diadem and a modern jewel.The pendant, created by a student of the school of jewellery and goldsmiths of Paris, received the prize of the competition Lenfant in 2009.

Issue Date: 18.11.2016 Designer: Création de Florence Gendre, gravure d’Elsa Catelin Process: Taille-Douce Size: 40,85 x 40,85 mm  Values: 1€

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