Lebanon Issued Stamps on Personalities

lebanon-stampsLibanPost issued 15 stamps to honor individuals who contributed to the country’s independence.Stamp included lesser known figures who, nevertheless, ensured that the nascent republic lived up to expectations.

Among these were Saeb Salam, the father of current Prime Minister Tamam Salam [and the man often credited for designing the national flag in his Rashayah prison cell], Sabri Hamadih, Camille Chamoun, Abdul Hamid Karami, Habib Abu Shahla, Majid Arslan and Henri Pharaon.

Pierre Gemayel, the founder of the Phalange Party, was also included even if the choice was controversial because of the role he played in the civil war. Other prominent figures, men like Rashid Baydun, Hamid Franjieh and Salim Taklah, whose names most Lebanese citizens are unfamiliar with, graced the postal issues in what may well be a long-overdue civics lesson.

As Lebanon prepares to celebrate its 73rd Independence anniversary on November 22, 2016, the commemorative postage stamps was an occasion to assemble the families and descendants of the 15 figures and, simultaneously, prepare for the important date after a two-and-a-half year vacancy at the head of the state.

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