Botswana Issued Stamps on Kgotla

botswana-stampsBotswana has issued the new kgotla stamps with the tagline, ‘Democracy through dialogue’. The four stamps were designed under four different themes being traditional adjudication, information dissemination, coronation of a chief and dikgafela harvest celebration. Onica Lekuntwane designed the stamps art and they are sold at 50 thebe, P4.00, 90 thebe and P10 respectively.

As for the information dissemination stamp, he said the government officials mostly use public assemblies to discuss important issues, policies and legislation with the community. “This is viewed as a democratic process in which the village leadership would consult with the community who have the right to express their views and concerns,” he said. He indicated that feedback from such gatherings is used to influence policy-making decisions at a national level.

He said the coronation of a chief stamp displays the enthronement of a female kgosi to show that culture and tradition is dynamic and not static. “During coronation, the new kgosi is ushered in by the regiment. The traditional leopard/lion skin that is draped around the shoulders of the kgosi is a sign of authority and respect,” he said.

Ramatlhakwane said the fourth stamp, which is dikgafela harvest celebration, celebrates the traditional appeasement ceremony meant to thank the ancestors for the rains and harvest.

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