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sweden-deer-stampsDeer (Cervidae) belong to the ungulate family, which includes around 40 species. Elk, red deer, roe deer, fallow deer and reindeer are the members of the deer family that can be found in Sweden, and these five have been selected as motifs for the stamps in the Deer issue.

Issue Date: 10.11.2016 Designer: Daniel Bjugård Illustrator: Photographers: Thorsten Milse/TT, Tore Hagman, Peter Cairus/Nature Picture Library, Stefan Örtenblad/ Johnér, Torbjörn Arvidsson/ Matton Subscription Process: Offset Size: 26.5 x 36.6 mm

Northern Lights

sweden-northern-lights-stampsThe Northern Lights that are depicted on the stamps were captured in the sky above the region where I come from, the landscape Jämtland. One fun little fact is that the latitude and longitude of the location where I was standing with my camera can be found under every stamp image. Several of the photos were taken in the area around the city Östersund.

The Northern Lights are the result of the sun’s activity and can take on a countless number of forms, but one of the regularly occurring formations is the archway that can be seen in two of the stamps, third and fifth up from the bottom.

Issue Date: 10.11.2016 Designer: Gustav Mårtensson Illustrator: Photo by Göran Strand Process: Offset Size: 49.1×26.5 mm Values: 13 KR

350 Years of Lund University

lund-universityThe university currently has 41,000 students and 7,500 employees in Lund, Helsingborg and Malmö, all of whom are uni- ted in their efforts to understand, explain and improve our world and the human conditions.Lund University has one of Scandinavia’s most comprehensive course offerings. One- third of its courses are offered in English, which attracts many international students. In addition to the education itself, the rich student life helps make Lund University one of the most popular universities among Swedish high school students.

More than SEK 5 billion is directed to research in the university’s nine faculties every year, thus giving Lund University one of Sweden’s strongest and most encompassing research resumes

Issue Date: 10.11.2016 Designer: Gustav Mårtensson Illustrator: Photos for stamps: Kenneth Ruona and Petra Francke. Photos for minisheet: Gunnar Menander, Petra Francke and Gustav Mårtensson. Process: Recess/Offset Size: 125 x 78.75 mm (minisheet), 31×37.25 mm (stamps) Values: 13 KR x 2

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