New Stamps from Austria

Air Police

austria-air-police-stamp Austria’s Air Police is celebrating its 60th anniversary. After the signing of the Austrian State Treaty in 1955, the ban on ying was lifted and it was possible to establish the Air Police Department in the Federal Ministry for the Interior. In the beginning the focus was on rescue operations. Having started opera- tions from 1956 using aeroplanes, from the start of the 1960s use was increasingly made of helicopters. In 2001 responsibility for the air rescue and ambulance ights was transferred from the Federal Ministry for the Interior to a private air rescue association. Starting with rescue operations in the alpine area, within two decades so-called ight deployment sites had been set up throughout the whole of Austria, with crews and helicopters not only being used for rescue and assistance operations, but also to help uphold the law and maintain peace and security.

The design of the commemorative stamp shows the same image that was depicted on the title page of the brochure celebrating the anniversary, “Flugpolizei in Öster- reich – einst und jetzt”. Graphic designer Mag. Robert Sabolovic and photographer and member of staff of the Federal Ministry for Science, Research and the Economy Mag.

Issue Date: 16.11.2016 Designer: Robert Sabolovic/Stefanie Grüssl Printer: Joh. Enschedé Stamps B. V. Process: Offset Size: 35 x 35 mm Values: €1.70

Christmas Comic Stamps Jigsaw

austria-christmas-comic-stampsIssue Date: 11.11.2016 Designer: Dominik Gröstlinger Printer: Joh. Enschedé Stamps B. V. Process: Offset Colours: 4 Colours Size: 100 x 100 mm (Block Size) Values: 2.96

Christmas 2016 – Bauble

austria-christmas-bauble-stampA classic form of decoration for the Christmas tree is the bauble made of glass, or nowadays frequently made from less breakable plastic. The spherical shape of this kind of tree decoration is probably due to the fact that Christmas trees were originally mostly decorated with apples, nuts and delicate pastries – which, at that time, was an extravagant luxury for many people. When it comes to the colour, shape or decoration, nowadays there are no limits to what the imagination can produce. The design for the Christmas stamp shows a classically shaped Christmas bauble in the characteristic red of Christmas. A graphically reduced, pictogram style presentation, which uses a clear language of imagery to ll the shape of a classic Christmas bauble with meaning: the memories, wishes and traditions that we associate with Christmas. A particularly eye-catching feature is the stamp’s denomination, which also forms the loop for hanging up the Christmas bauble. This modern Christmas stamp was designed by renowned designer Anita Kern.

Issue Date: 11.11.2016 Designer: Anita Kern Printer: Cartor Security Printing Process: Offset Size: 32.59 x 40 mm Values: €0.80

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