Special Cover Released on Platinum Jubilee of Builders Association of India

special-cover-builders-association-of-indiaDate of Release:5 November 2016,Chennai

BAI is the only all India apex representative body of civil engineering construction companies. BAI was founded in 1941 under the guidance and blessings of Brig. C.V.S. ​ Jackson of Military Engineering Services, who suggested that builders working under his command, form a body for finding solutions to various problems. He went further and made available a piece of land inside the premises of Southern Command Headquarters in Pune, on which an office was con¬structed and aptly named ‘Jackson Hut’, which stands even today as a monument in BAI’s name.

During this journey of over 74 years, BAI’s membership has grown from 250 members spread over 3 Centres, to more than 15,000 direct members spread over about 148 plus Centres across the length and breadth of the country. Various regional associations affiliated to BAI, add another 1,00,000 indirect members.BAI was’ instrumental in starting National Institute of Construction Management and Research (NICMAR), which has estab¬lished campuses at Pune, Delhi and Hyderabad and is soon likely to get the status of a deemed university.

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