New Stamps from Israel

Tourism in Jerusalem

israel-tourism-stampsPilgrims of all religions choose to come to Jerusalem to follow their religious sentiments, to see the places they admire and to walk in the footsteps of the saints who have molded the essence of their faith.Throughout history, representatives of many different empires ruled Jerusalem, leaving their mark upon the city by erecting magnificent buildings representing their own culture

King Solomon’s Ships

israel-ship-stampKing Solomon inherited a large and wealthy kingdom from his father King David, stretching from the Euphrates River in the north to the Eilat Bay in the south. The good trade relations King Solomon created with the rulers of nearby kingdoms, as well as the great wealth he accumulated thanks to those relations and to the taxes he collected, are described in the Bible in books I Kings and II Chronicles.The development of his fleet in the Red Sea was described in detail

Mosaics in Eretz

israel-mosaic-stampsCreating mosaics requires a skilled artisan who must know how to lay foundations that prevent the floor from sinking, design intricate characters and shapes, and place the colorful tiles according to a precise predetermined plan.There are common themes in many of the ancient mosaic floors in Eretz Israel, which mainly feature plants and animals.

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