Monaco Issued Stamp on Monegasque Annals

monaco-stampThis review of Monaco’s history was first published in 1977 with a view to shedding light on the history of the Principality, recounting often little-known facts and showcasing the wealth of the Palace’s archives. Published by the Archives of the Princely Palace, the 40th number of the Monegasque Annals will cover amongst others Charles Ist Grimaldi who served the Angevins and the kings of France, the ceremonial funerals of Honoré II in 1662, Rembrant in the antique Princely collections, the 1848 Menton events, the friendship between Pierre Loti and Princess Alice, the frescos in the royal courtyard and the former Palace library. The cover is a detail of a Palace view from 1834 by Jean-Baptiste Langlacé (1786-1864), collection NMNM.

Issue Date: 04.11.2016 Designer: LANGLACÉ © Coll. NMNM Process: Offset Size: 40,85 x 52 mm vertical Values: 0,80€

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