France Issued Stamps on Toul, Meurthe-et-Moselle

french-stampsToul, one of the famous three bishoprics in the political, religious and prestigious military history has kept many testimonies of its past.Located at a crossroads of communication from the Roman period on the way to Agrippa, Toul, capital of the Celtic tribe Leuques becomes episcopal city in the middle of the fourth century until the Revolution. During the Middle Ages, this independent town in the duchy of Lorraine was administered by the Bishop – Count and Prince of the Holy Roman Empire – and did not become French until the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648.

Construction of the cathedral began in 1221, taking over part of the foundations of the previous building, marking the first introduction of the Gothic style in territories of the Empire. Majestic, like a reliquary out of the walls, its construction was completed shortly before 1500 by its remarkable flamboyant façade.

Toul is one of the few cities to have preserved its two Gothic cloisters: the Cathedral, one of the biggest in France, and the Holy Gengoult college. Built in the early sixteenth century, it is the first manifestation of Renaissance Lorraine.

The town was fortified by Vauban in 1700, giving it a stronghold of vocation. After the 1870 war, the defense system was reinforced by Sere de Rivieres on the high points located around the city.

Today, Toul is a pleasant city, both urban and rural with vineyards at its doors. Labeled “3 Flowers” with its many parks and gardens, cultural life is intense and will undoubtedly charm you. At the heart of the old town, you will discover beautiful examples of urban dwellings from the fifteenth to the eighteenth century, the former Episcopal palace, museum, monuments of reconstruction, the Round Square …

For all its wealth, the city of Toul deserved a special stamp. It was issued at the Philatelic Championship Youth Stamps France Passion

Issue Date: 24.10.2016 Designer: Design and Engraving: Claude Andréotto Process: Engraving Size: 40 x 30 mm Values: 0.70€

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