New Stamps from Greenland

Zackenberg Research Station

greenland-research-institute-stampsDesign-wise the stamps were bound together by the five areas shown in the circles that make up Zacken- berg’s solid basic research and it fitted so well with five lemmings in the food chain. My inspiration is due to the Zackenberg people to whom I thank for their conversations and for the loan of their refer- ence photos.The drawings are made with markers as, using a simplified colour spectrum gives my desired effect where the instruments can be shown most clearly in the small format of stamps. I chose lemming, as an

Issue Date: 17.10.2016 Designer: Naja Abelsen Printer: Lowe-Martin Group Process: Offset Size: 40mm x 32mm Values: DKK 11.50, 14.00

Christmas 2016

greenland-christmas-stampsIssue Date: 17.10.2016 Designer: Sissi Moller Process: Offset Size: 32 x 24 mm Values: DKK 12.00, DKK 13.50

Greenland during the Second World War

greenland-world-war-stampsThe series begins with the three stamps which are issued on 17th October, with partially photographed images from the War period. Some aspects are, therefore, photographic reproductions from that time, whilst on other parts of the stamps the artist has added her own artistic impression to the design. The artist who has designed this series is Naja Ros- ing-Asvid, who also created the 2015 series ‘Archi- tecture in Greenland’. Martin Mörck engraved all ten stamps.

In the early part of the Second World War, on 9th April 1940, Denmark was occupied by Nazi Germany. As a result, Greenland ended up being isolated from Denmark and no supplies could reach the country. Therefore, the Greenlanders received all their sup- plies from the USA and Canada throughout the War until 1945. They paid for these supplies by selling cry-olite and through cod fishing.

The Second World War also changed Greenland. It happened gradually with the country’s first airfields being constructed, new and ‘exotic’ products being introduced, as well as food rationing. In East Green- land there was also some actual face to face combat.

Until 1940 the Greenlanders had been very isolated from the rest of the world. The Danish government, that governed Greenland as a colony, was convinced that the Greenlandic culture would be diluted or even disappear and the local population would be eradicated if the borders were opened up to the rest of the world. In many ways Greenland opened up

to the outside world as a result of the War; politi- cal relations changed and news coverage was in a different form to that which Greenlanders had been used to.

By the end of the Second World War, Greenland had become the allies’ important middle station for North Atlantic air traffic from the USA and the United King- dom. After the War, the USA developed a great geo- political interest in Greenland, an interest which still exists to this day.

Issue Date: 17.10.2016 Designer: Naja Rosing-Asvid Illustrator: Martin Mörck (engraving) Process: Intaglio and Offset Size: 57.68 mm x 33.44 mm Values: DKK 0.25, DKK 36.00, DKK 36.50

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