New French Stamps

Council of Europe

france-council-of-europe-stampService Stamp Council of Europe

Issue Date: 17.10.2016 Designer: © Conseil de l’Europe Process: Héliogravure Size: 26 x 40 mm Values: €1

Light Propeller 1916 – 2016

france-light-propeller-stampThe stamp commemorates the 100 years of the propeller Marcel Dassault created in 1916 contributing to French aviation during the First World War. Put into the aeronautical research laboratory Chalais-Meudon, Marcel Dassault and Henry Potez coordinate the development plans of the Caudron G 3. Seeing the poor propellers available he decided in 1916 to draw one, it was the ‘hélice Éclair’ that would power many devices and, in particular, the Spad VII of Guynemer. The propeller first series of production of Marcel Dassault, had its heyday in the Verdun sky defense, it was 100 years ago, in 1916. It is the starting point of an adventure to constant turing to the future, symbolized by the stamp silhouette of 3 mythical aircraft of Dassault Aviation: The Rafale, the Falcon and the nEUROn. Laying a metallic blue ink on “100” and the silhouette of aircraft.

Issue Date: 14.10.2016 Designer: Stéphan Agosto, Bruno Ghiringhelli, © Dassault Aviation, S. Randé Process: Héliogravure Size: 40,85 x 30 mm  Values: 0.70€

Stamp Booklet Planetary correspondence

france-stamp-bookletThus, we will correspond with the Cosmos? With the Cosmos it’s possible! Kosmos, from the Greek “ordered universe.” This inhabited world, alive, even more alive with these Guy Coda illustrations. He wrote on his creations for La Poste, and that will enliven our correspondence. These include the end of his poem:

“O moon, true friend Accompanying faithfully Undetachable satellite Our Earth in its movement Accompanies its nights without clouds Queen of obscure lights … ”

For Guy Coda, for Charles Trenet, for us, the sun has a rendezvous with the moon! And other planets accompany: Venus, the beautiful, Mars, the red, Saturn and its ring. The stars and sky populated with stars make us dream. Our correspondence will be tender and bright, with no doubt!

Issue Date: 14.10.2016 Designer: (c) LA POSTE Illustrator: Guy Coda Process: Héliogravure Size: 234 x 74 mm

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