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Golden Jubilee of Icelandic National Television

iceland-tv-stampThe National Television Network, the only state-run television station in Iceland, began broadcasting on September 30, 1966. The network is a division of the National Broadcasting Service, RÚV for short, which also operates three radio stations. At first the television broadcasted only twice a week but soon broadcasts were sent out every day except Thursdays. On 1 October 1987, TV started broadcasting seven days a week. When plans were made for Icelandic television in the mid-sixties, television broadcasts were received from the US military base in Keflavík. In March 1964 sixty well-known Icelanders demanded publicly that these broadcasts be limited to the Base. The same year, an official decision was taken to establish Icelandic TV Broadcasting Service. Ever since, Icelandic national TV has favoured domestic programming.

Issue Date: 16.09.2016 Designer: Örn Smári Gíslaso , Printer: Cartor Security Printing Process: Offset Litho + Pantone Metallic Size: 36 x 27 mm Values: ISK 160

Seabed Ecosystem

iceland-ecosystem-stampsSea anemones (Actinauge sp.) are primitive multicellular sea animals of the Coelenterata phylum. Each sea anemone is a single organism. They usually live on solid seabed where food is diverse. Sea anemones are widespread, their habitat ranging from shallow waters down to a depth of 5000 meters. In warm waters they can be large and colourful.

The basket star (Gorgonocephalus sp.) is a benthic animal of the Echinoderm phylum, and belongs to the brittle star family. Among echinoderms are starfish and sea urchin. Its habitat is the Northeast Atlantic and includes Iceland, Orkney, the United Kingdom and Norway. The basket star depicted in the stamp was photographed at about 900 m depth in the Dreki area, northeast of Iceland.

Issue Date: 16.09.2016 Designer: Örn Smári Gíslason Printer: The Lowe Martin Group Process: Offset Litho + Pantone Size: 36 x 25,5 mm Values: ISK 160, 200

80 Years of Pourquoi-Pas

iceland-ship-stampSeptember 16th this year marks the 80th anniversary of the foundering of the French research vessel PourquoiPas? (Why not?) at Mýrar in Borgarfjörður. This event is remembered as one of the most tragic maritime accidents in Iceland. The ship’s commander was the great arctic explorer Dr. Jean-Baptiste Charcot. 40 young Frenchmen, scientists and fishermen, lost their lives that day. The Pourquoi-Pas? was returning from her thirteenth research expedition to the Arctic when an engine failure caused the ship to moor in Reykjavik. Jean-Baptiste Charcot (1867-1936) was one of the pioneers exploring and mapping the polar territories in early last century. He had numerous friends in Iceland and the loss of the Pourquoi-Pas? came as tragic news to Icelanders at the time. When memorial services were held for those who lost their lives, all the shops were closed in the capital, an unprecedented mark of honour for a foreign person. A biography of Charcot (in French) by Serge Kahn was translated into Icelandic by Friðrik Rafnsson and published by JPV Editions in 2006. In Sandgerði, a comprehensive permanent exhibition curated by the University Centre sheds light on the life and work of Dr. Charcot. Charcot will also be remembered with a symposium held at the University of Iceland in September.

Issue Date: 16.09.2016 Designer: Hany Hadaya Printer: Cartor Security Printing Process: Offset Litho Size: 54,67 x 26 mm (105 x 70 mm)

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