New Christmas 2016 Stamps

Denmark:Christmas Seal

denmark-christmas-stampsCrown Princess Mary has given this year’s Christmas Seal her stamp of approval, unveiling the collection at Copenhagen City Hall on Monday.The Christmas Seal is a specially designed stamp launched each year and sold throughout Denmark in addition to Christmas stamps. The 2016 Christmas Seal was created by artist Per O Jorgensen, whose winter wonderland design teems with animals and elves in a snow covered forest, as they appear to decorate a Christmas tree.


canada-christmas-stampsThe stamp depicts the Virgin and Child, which was painted around 1460 by a highly esteemed painter from Florence, Italy, known only as the Master of the Castello Nativity. This rare painting uses gold and tempera, a pigment common until the advent of oil paint, whose many layers create intense colours. Virgin and Child is part of a generous donation of paintings made by Michal and Renata Hornstein to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

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