New Stamps from Faroe Islands

Jesus of Nazareth

faroe-nazareh-stampIn the spring of 2013, Edward Fuglø created ten, mixed-media wood and acrylic ornamental reliefs for Christianskirkjan, Christian’s Church, in Klaksvík, Faroe Islands. The reliefs depict scenes from the life of Jesus. The medium wood is quite appropriate when we think of the Saviour as the foster son of Joseph, the carpenter. Each relief consists of a 2 cm thick birch plate with a diameter of 135 cm, edged by 2 cm of brass, which originally was the brass baseboards of earlier, now replaced,  pews of the Church.

Issue Date: 26.09.2016 Designer: Edward Fuglø Printer: LM-Group, Canada Process: OffsetSize: Stamp size: 27,5 x 32,0 mm. Mini-sheet, size: 93 x 152 mm Values: 10 x 9,00 DKK

Faroese National Costumes I

faroe-national-costumes-stampsTorso – the female costume The knitted blouse that goes with the female costume is short and tight. It is open in front and has a wide neckline. Traditionally the blouse is red with tiny black patterns or, more rarely, blue with dark blue patterns. Recently, designers have started experimenting with colours – violet, green or yellow, to name just a few.

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