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Churches in Austria: Maria Locherboden

austria-church-stampThe pilgrimage site became known even beyond the borders of Austria thanks to two miraculous events. The first is the tale of a miner by the name of Thaman Kluibenschädl, who, so the story goes, was trapped in the gallery of the mine there in 1740, but was successfully rescued. It is said that, to give thanks for the fact that nothing had ever happened to him whilst digging in the mine, he hung a picture of the Virgin Mary over the mine entrance. This picture alone was enough to win Maria Locherboden local fame as a place of pilgrimage. In 1854 a new walkway to the extended mine entrance was built, and in 1860 a larger picture of the Madonna was installed. Initially the intention was to restore the original painting, but then a copy of Lucas Cranach’s painting of Maria Hilf (Mary of Succour) was put up instead, and can still be seen hanging over the high altar in the church today.

Issue Date: 23.09.2016 Designer: Kirsten Lubach Printer: Joh. Enschedé Stamps B. V.  Process: Offset Size: 34,8 x 42 mm Values: €0.68


In some areas of Austria and southern Germany “dirndl” is used to designate a young girl,austria-dimdi-stamp and it is almost certainly from this that the name for the dirndl dress was derived. Today’s dirndls often have little to do with the traditional regional costumes: short skirts, low-cut necklines, fancy lacing and bold colour combinations are not to be found in so-called historical traditional costumes.

The dirndl stamp is particularly impressive in the method of production. The Vorarl- berg company Hämmerle & Vogel, based in Lustenau and specialising in high-quality embroidery, is responsible for both the design and the manufacture. Each stamp is made from around 40 metres of thread in three colours. The embroidered silhouette, the different colours and the various stitches make the dirndl appear three-dimen- sional whilst at the same time creating a light and airy effect. You can even see the way the material drapes and folds.

Issue Date: 22.09.2016 Designer: Hämmerle & Vogel Size: 32 x 50 mm Values: €6,30

Thank You – Greetings Stamp

austria-thank-you-stampThe stamp also says “thank you” with the vibrant orange flower that greets the recipient cheerfully – a little floral thank you for a kind gesture. Orange is considered the colour of joy and conviviality, so what could be more fitting than this colour to express your gratitude? And with this stamp, writing thank you letters will cease to be an onerous duty and become a pleasure, whilst the recipient will know immedi- ately upon seeing the stamp that someone has done something nice for him/her.

Issue Date: 22.09.2016 Designer: Dieter Kraus Printer: Joh. Enschedé Stamps B. V. Process: OffsetSize: 40 x 33 mm Values: €0.68

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