New Stamps from Norway

Bicentenary of Central Bank of Norway

norway-central-bank-stampsAfter Denmark denied Norway its own monetary system, Norwegian Parliament passed a bill to establish Norway’s own central bank. On 14 June 1816, Norges Bank was founded, and two hundred years later it has five primary tasks. The first is the exclusive right to issue banknotes in Norway. The second is to be “the bank of the banks”. Norges Bank was initally located in Trondheim, but in 1893 it moved to Kristiania (Oslo). In 1906, a new building was completed in the capital. Today, the Museum of Contemporary Art holds its exhibitions in the old bank, since a new building for Norges Bank, which was designed by Kjell Lund and Nils Slaatto, was completed on Bankplassen in 1986. The building covered an area totaling 60,000 sq.m and became a point of debate since it challenged existing notions. When the building was finished in 1986, it had cost NOK 2.8 billion.

Issue Date: 01.10.2016 Designer: Sverre Morken Printer: Joh. Enschedé Security Print Process: Recess/Offset

Norwegian Lighthouses V

norway-lighthouses-stampsSandvigodden Lighthouse:This now-closed lighthouse station was built on Hisøy in 1844. The oldest building to the right on the stamp consists of a tower with lamp housing along one side. This distinctive station has a rich maritime history and also includes an outbuilding, boathouse and landing.

In 1894 the tower was raised to the height it has today. In 1934 the lamp housing was moved to a separate tower that we can see in front of the lighthouse. The tower is 14 m tall, and when the beacon was automated the manned lighthouse station was closed. 

Sklinna Lighthouse:The lighthouse is more than 14 m tall and is a beautiful, round, cast iron tower that is painted red. It opened in 1910 and was manned until 2004. Located close to the lighthouse are an engine room, a residence, an outbuilding and the remains of an oil shed and a previous residence.

Sklinna Lighthouse was protected by the Cultural Heritage Act in 2004. The area around the lighthouse is home to the world’s largest colony of shags. Sklinna Nature Reserve was created in 2003 and the area is subject to very strict traffic regulations.

Issue Date: 01.10.2016 Designer: Inger Sandved Anfinsen Illustrator: © Øystein Søbye/NN/Samfoto, © Jon Arne Sæter/NN/Samfoto Printer: Joh. Enschedé Security Print Process: Recess/Offset

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