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 Antonio de Ulloa

spain-ulloa-stampAntonio de Ulloa y de la Torre-Giral was born on the 12 January 1716 in Seville. Son of the Economist Bernardo de Ulloa, he joined the Spanish Navy as Guardia Marina in 1733. Two years later he entered to form part, together with the also Spanish Jorge Juan, in the first major multinational, European and scientific expedition in recorded history: the French Geodesic Mission, organized by the French Academy of Sciences. The mission was to reach what is now Ecuador and determine the sphericity of the Earth. Ulloa spent eight years there, during which, with Jorge Juan, discovered platinum.Until then this mineral was considered an impurity that appeared next to gold. Antonio de Ulloa was the first to make a scientific description of this precious metal. Platinum was first brought to Spain in 1735.

He founded the first museum of natural history in the world, the current Museum of Natural Sciences; also, he was the creator of the Astronomical Observatory of Cadiz and the first metallurgy laboratory Spain.

The stamp commemorating the three hundred years after his birth, contains a portrait of Antonio de Ulloa, painted in oil by Andrés Cortés y Aguilar, along with a ship and compass rose.

Issue Date: 26.09.2016 Process: Offset Colours: 4 Colours Size: 40.9 x 28.8 mm Values: 1.30

Artistic Heritage

spain-art-heritage-stampsOn the occasion of the opening of the Mulafest festival in 2013 six internationally renowned graffiti artists, performed which was the largest permanent mural in Madrid, on the facade of Hall 12 at Feria de Madrid (Ifema).The work was done by Sixe Paredes, Suso33, Okuda, Aryz, San and Herbert Baglione. They perched themselves on a hydraulic platform and used their aerosols to shape a work of art that even today can be seen in these facilities.Today, street art is becoming less of a taboo, and becoming more accepted as an art form like any other. In Madrid, the genre already has its own circuit and is another cultural asset to the capital of Spain.

The block sheet is issued, it presents the image of the facade of the Hall 12 of Feria de Madrid (Ifema), where is located the famous mural. The stamp includes a detail of this work of art that exudes optimism and good vibes to all who visit this corner of Madrid.

Issue Date: 23.09.2016 Process: Offset Colours: 4 Colours Size: 74.6 x 28.8 mm (Stamp) : 3.00

Scholastic Civic Values – Solidarity

spain-civic-values-stampsSolidarity is something that can be learnt. This is why it is vital for solidarity to be fostered in the classroom from the earliest age. It is about showing unity with other people, to certain causes, sharing their interests and needs. Solidarity is directly related to justice, which aims to achieve equality among all human beings. Good sentiments, like solidarity, complement justice. It involves affection, support, empathy. It is a sentiment that determines how we see human reality. It means seeing things with other eyes; it is associated with a feeling of fraternity and of putting yourself in other people’s shoes.Within the scope of children’s education, it is essential to create civic behaviour and to establish routines that teach respect for others.
Solidarity should be present both in public and private areas; it should not only refer to underprivileged countries, we should also look around us, in our immediate vicinity. In the classroom, through dialogue and reflection, we must show how values such as solidarity can be developed. Children should develop ways of thinking that help to resolve conflicts of value. It is important to promote self-knowledge, self-reliance and a capacity for dialogue. Solidarity programmes should be organised in schools, to show students that, thanks to them and their solidarity, the world will be a better place. In light of this, and as part of the Civic Values at School series, Correos is issuing a minisheet with six stamps, each one with a wordsearch printed in thermochromic ink. Upon running your finger over each of the six stamps, values of solidarity emerge, such as: “help the sick”, “help the disabled”, “against abuse”, “help the elderly”, “help the needy”, and “against racism”.

Issue Date: 21.09.2016 Process: Offset Colours: 4 Colours Size: 40.9 x 28.8 mm Values: 0.57

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