Canada Issued Stamps on National Hockey League

canada-hockey-stampsCanada has issued a set of stamps on National Hockey League on 23rd September 2016. The new stamps honor six high-scoring Hall of Famers who distinguished themselves playing the national game as forwards. Forwards consist of the left wing, center and right wing, whose job it is to move the puck down the ice to score, while two defensemen and the goalie try to keep the opposing team from scoring.

The 2016 NHL Great Canadian Forwards set of permanent stamps paying Canada’s domestic letter rate (currently 85¢) highlights some of the finest to play in the last half-century: Phil Esposito (who played from 1963-81), Darryl Sittler (1970-85), Guy Lafleur (1971-91), Mark Messier (1979-2000), Steve Yzerman (1983-2006), and Sidney Crosby (who continues to play for the Pittsburgh Penguins as he has done since the 2005-06 season).

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