New Stamps from Luxembourg

Grand Prix

luxembourg-grand-prix-stampsEvery two years, Post Luxembourg organises a philatelic drawing competition in which children at primary school and young people at secondary school are invited to take part. The theme this year was “biodiversity”. Biodiversity encompasses the various different life forms (animals, plants, fungi and bacteria), the different habitats in which these species live (eco-systems such as forests and bodies of water) and the genetic diversity within species (such as subspecies, varieties and breeds). Biodiversity is the natural inheritance we bequeath to future generations.More than 1700 children and young people took part in the drawing competition. The prize was awarded on 28th June 2016 at the headquarters of POST Technologies in Cloche d’Or.Here are our winners: Yann Klees and Christine Guirsch

Issue Date: 13.09.2016 Illustrator: Yann Klees, Christine Guirsch (L) Printer: BDT International Security Printing Limited (IRL) Process: Multicoloured high-resolution offset printing Size: 40,64 x 28,5 mm, 10 stamps per sheet Values: 1,65 €

Albrecht Bouts Exhibition at MNHA

luxembourg-bouts-stampsAfter some amazing loans from the National Gallery in London, the Prado, the Louvre and more, there now follows the exhibition “Blood & Tears. Albrecht Bouts and the Image of the Passion” which is being shown by the MNHA from 7th October 2016 until 12th February 2017 in collaboration with the Suermondt-Ludwig Museum in Aachen (from 8th March 2017 until 11th June 2017), and in partnership with KIK-IRPA (the Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage) in Brussels.Unique works from the late 15th and early 16th centuries on display can be seen in the same place for the first time.Albrecht Bouts’ important prayer diptych of Christ with the crown of thorns and Our Lady of Sorrows, which appears on the stamp, will be central to the landscape of this exhibition.

Issue Date: 13.09.2016 Designer: Linda Bos (L) Printer: Bpost Stamps Factory, Mechelen (B) Process: Multicoloured high-resolution offset  Size: 48,75 x 38,15 mm, 10 stamps per sheet with decorated borders Values: 0.70€

350 Years : Virgin Mary was Elected Patroness of the City of Luxembourg

luxembourg-virgin-merry-stampThe establishment of the Jesuit Society in the late 16th century laid the foundations for the Marian culture in what was then the Duchy of Luxembourg. The Jesuit, Jacques Brocquart, played a significant role when, on 8th December 1624, he and a group of students carried the statue of the “Consoler of the Afflicted” to the city gates. On 10th October 1666, when the Consolatrix Afflictorum (Consoler of the Afflicted) was elected Patronae Civitatis (Patroness of the City), Marian culture was given a mighty boost in Luxembourg. There remains to this day a strong bond between Mary and the Luxembourg people, which is especially apparent during the annual pilgrimage season known as the Octave.

Issue Date: 13.09.2016 Designer: Daniela Longo (I) Illustrator: Engraving : Elsa Catelin (F) Printer: Phil@poste Process: Intaglio Colours: 6 Size: 40,85 x 52 mm, 4 stamps per sheet with decorated borders Values: 0.70€ x 4

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