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50 Years of the Rout Breck

On 24th October this year, the “Red Bridge” celebrates the 50th anniversary of its inauguration.The Red Bridge, officially the “Pont Grand-Duchesse Charlotte”, is a symbolluxembourg-rout-breck-stamp of Luxembourg. The “Rout Bréck”, as it is known in Luxembourgish, crosses the Alzette valley over 73 metres and connects the Kirchberg district with the old town of Luxembourg. It was built from plans by the architect Egon Jux and was completed in 1966. Its connecting function will be enhanced further in 2017 with the construction of a tram line. Kirchberg is growing in importance as a financial and European centre and also increasingly as an internationally acclaimed cultural hotspot.The photos were taken by Anita Wünschmann, a photographer and freelance journalist in Luxembourg and Berlin.

Issue Date: 13.09.2016 Designer: Photos : Anita Wünschmann (D) Printer: Bpost Stamps Factory, Mechelen (B) Process: Multicoloured high-resolution offset  Size: 50 x 30 mm, 10 stamps per sheet Values: 0.70€


luxembourg-vegetables-stampsThe cucumber (Cucumis sativus) is a creeping, herb-like vegetable of the same genus as the pumpkin, the African gourd and the melon (the cucurbit family).

String beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) are grown as vegetables in all temperate and warm climate regions of the world. Rich in starch and protein, string beans play a major part in people’s diets.

When harvesting the tree onion (Allium cepa proliferum), you don’t cut off the bulb, as you would with other onions; instead you pluck off its little bulblets. Originally from Southern Europe and Egypt, its green-blue stems, between 50 and 80 cm in height, are permanent and are somewhat reminiscent of chives.

Issue Date: 13.09.2016 Designer: Mariepol Goetzinger (L) Printer: Bpost Stamps Factory, Mechelen (B) Process: Multicoloured high resolution offset Size: 27,66 x 40,20 mm, 10 stamps per sheet Values: 0.95, 1.30, 2.00€

SEPAC 2016

luxembourg-sepac-stampFor the 2016 members’ joint publication, which has the theme of “Seasons”, POST Luxembourg provided the stamp “Spring in the Ösling”. Alan Johnston PhD, the creator of the artwork, is inspired by climatic, ecological and geological environmental features and “assimilates” them, giving his works an almost documentary-like authenticity. This picture of Bourscheid Castle in spring 2016 reflects the rainy and gloomy season that Luxembourg was experiencing at the time.

Issue Date: 13.09.2016 Designer: Alan Johnston (LU) Printer: Bpost Stamps Factory, Mechelen (B) Process: Multicoloured high-resolution offset Size: 40,2 x 27,66 mm 10 stamps per sheet Values: 0.95€

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