Romania Issued Stamps on Ceahlau National Park

romania-fauna-stampsThe park’s uniqueness is given not only by the great diversity of plants and animals, but also by their rarity. For example, it is worth mentioning that from the ice age, plants survived on the mountain that are not found anywhere else. Rare birds can be found that are adapted to the alpine environment. Over thirty species of orchids, among which 3 are protected by law and are the jewel of the Ceahlau.

The conservation of the Park’s nature began in 1997, when a team of Danish specialists, stunned by the beauty and bounty of Ceahlau, contributed decisively to the creation of the Scientific Council of the Park, through the Ministry of Environment. In the mean time, Ceahlau gained the status of protected area by the founding of an Avifauna protection area, of the National Park, and by it being declared a Site of European Community Importance.

The twelve postage stamps of the issue illustrate images of flora and fauna existing in the Ceahlau National Park area.

Issue Date: 01.09.2016 Designer: Mihail Vamasescu Process: Offset Colours: 4 Colours Size: 33 x 24mm; 24 x 33mm (Stamp), 80 x 80 mm (Block) Values: 0.80 Lei; 0.90 Lei; 1.10 Lei; 1.20 Lei; 1.30 Lei; 1.40 Lei; 1.50 Lei; 1.60 Lei; 1.70 Lei; 1.80 Lei; 2.70 Lei; 16 Lei

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