Croatia Issued Stamp on Stamp Day

croatia-stamp-dayIts central motif, the number 25, although entirely flat, has been printed as a nano gravure with a kinaesthetic three-dimensional effect and in the spectrum of rainbow colours. Numbers marking the anniversary, 1991-2016, appear three-dimensionally, depending on the angle of viewing. The background with postal horns with its real three-dimensional effect creates the feeling of deepness – which also changes in dependence on the angle of viewing. Slant lines which border the “stamp”, move and change colours in the same way. Such technological solution has been applied on a stamp for the

Issue Date: 09.09.2016 Illustrator: Lidija Novosel and Adam Peter Maguire, authors from Zagreb Printer: ZRINSKI d.d. Čakovec Process: Multicolor Offset with hologram and blind printing  Size: 42.60 x 35.50 mm : 1.47

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