New Stamps from France

Maquis Eagle Dam

france-eagle-dam-stampHeroes of World War II are illustrated by delaying the maximum dam construction, engaging in resistance and by actively participating in the liberation of France.The stamp shows the dam in the valley with some guerrillas on the right. On the left side of the stamp, a container of drop occurs, evoking one of the major operations of the maquis. The title is topped by an eagle inspired by a logo found in the archives of the maquis.

Issue Date: 05.09.2016 Designer: Sophie Beaujard amp, OT Pays de Mauriac, Pierre Bara Process: Taille-douce Size: 25 x 60 mm Values: 3.20€

Stamp Booklet :Être Le Dindon de la Farce

france-stamp-bookletBooklet of 12 stamps stickers and costs of the green letter for France and for a weight up to 20g. The 12 stamps are sayings that refer to animals. These proverbs are taken literally and illustrated in a humorous and colorful way by Emmanuelle Houdart.

Issue Date: 05.09.2016 Designer: (c) LA POSTE, Emmanuelle Houdart & Corinne Salvi Process: Héliogravure Size: 256 mm x 54 mm Values: 8.40

Jean Jaures

france-jean-jaures-stampsCollector 4 TP validity France (Green Letter) highlighting four important dates in the history of Jean Jaurès: 1905 creation of the SFIO, 1913 speech, 1924 arrival in Pantheon ,1936: the Popular Front

Issue Date: 09.09.2016 Designer: ©Léon et Lévy, ©Maurice-Louis Branger, ©Albert Harlingue, © Photo Rap, © Collection Roger-Viollet/Roger-Viollet, Création: Absintheandco Process: Offset Size: 100 mm x 95 mm Values: 4.50€

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