Portugal Issued Stamps on Lisbon City

portugal-lisbon-stampsLisbon is a city of affections, of passions, of this universal love of sharing linked to the land by the river.The “Our Cities” stamp issue, launched by the CTT, the Portuguese Postal Service, aims to commemorate Lisbon as a city that, over the centuries, has never lost its originality. A city built on seven hills, interlinked by streets and alleyways, with rows of houses in warm tones with roofs the colour of fire. But more than anything, it commemorates this link that the city has with the river. The river that sees everything and that everyone sees. A city of light, open on the horizon.

Issue Date: 26.08.2016 Designer: Dawe Works – Comunicação Global, Lda Printer: Bpost Process: Offset Size: 40 x 30,6 mm Values: €0.47, €0.65, €0.75, €0.80

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