New Stamps on Birds and Animals

By Wolfgang Beyer, Vice Chairman of the German Philatelic Collector Group ArGe Zoologie

Czech Republic

czech-bird-stampThe stamp is featuring a pair of European Bee-eaters(Merops apiaster).Date of Release:12th October 2016

 Estonian : Northern Birch Mouse

estonia-mouse-stampThe northern birch mouse is a smaller mouse sized rodent belonging to the family of the Dipodidae. Its characteristics are a black stripe on the back and a tail much longer than its body. The northern birch mouse is an omnivore that eats both fruits and seeds as well as insects and caterpillars of butterflies. It hibernates from September to May. When waking up in spring, the animals weigh only about 8 grams, however, by autumn, they store plenty of fat, weighing nearly 15 grams then. They breed once a year and usually 4–6 young are born per litter. As a rare and little researched species, the northern birch mouse has been added to Annex V of the Habitats Directive of the European Union, and in the list of species protected under Category III in Estonia.

Issue Date: 25.08.2016 Designer: Sandor Stern Printer: As Vaba Maa Process: Offset Size: 40,88 x 41,3 mm Values: 0.65 €

Sweden Birds: Redpoll and Hoopoe

sweden-birds-stampsRedpoll (Carduelis flammea) belongs to the finch family of birds. It is approximately 11.5-13 cm in length.It has brownish-gray speckles, a red forehead and a black bib. It nests primarily in forests of mountain birch, but also in the lowlands of northern Sweden. In the winter large flocks of redpoll can be seen flying south.

Hoopoe (Upupa epops) grows to around 27-29 cm in length and is reddish-beige with black and white bands on both its tail and rounded wings. It nests in hollow trees, stone walls and termite stacks. The hoopoe was once associated with different superstitions; during the Middle Ages it was said to be a harbinger of war.

Issue Date: 25.08.2016 Designer: Carina Länk Illustrator: Painting by Magnus von Wright Process: Offset Size: 26.5×36.6 mm

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