New Stamps from Israel

Israel- Bulgaria Joint Stamp Issue

israel-bulgaria-joint-stamp-issueIsrael and Bulgaria share a strong, unique historical bond.The historic joint stamp depicts the migration of storks between Bulgaria and Israel. The common journey of the two nations has flourished for over 25 years, since the renewal of diplomatic relations between them. Thus began ongoing collaborations and the realization of hopes for future prosperity and peace for all nations in the region.

Seasons in Israel

israel-seasons-stampsEach season is characterized by its own typical weather, changes in the animals and plants  and by its designated songs. Every season creates a certain type of atmosphere. In Israel the transitional  seasons – autumn and spring are short and often bring surprising weather changes

Yom Kippur Poem

israel-yom-kippur-stampsThe most important High Holyday in the Jewish religion is Yom Kippur – a day to reflect, repent and ask forgiveness for one’s sins. Festivals stamps this year illustrate the metaphoric Yom Kippur Poem which describes different artisans creating something new from raw materials – just like God created mankind. The artisans represented on this stamp series are the potter, the glazier and the silversmith.

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