New Stamps from Portugal

Old Vineyards of Portugal

portugal-veneyards-stampsIssue Date: 22.07.2016 Designer: AF Atelier Illustrator: Anabela Trinidade Printer: BPost Process: Offset Size: Stamps: 30,6 x 40 mm, Souvenir Sheet: 125 x 95 mm Values: €0.47, 0.58, 0.75, 0.80


portugal-maderia-stampsLevadas:The settlers who occupied the island of Madeira were faced with the problem of making the water that is found to the north reach the south side of the island.Over five centuries, waterways called Levadas were created, which made it possible to farm the land.

EUROPA :The percussion instrument “brinquinho” or “bailhinho” has become the brand image of Madeira. From cottage industry, it is used by folk groups to set the rhythm and as an accompaniment to voices and music. The “charola” or “cana de bonecos”, an instrument used in the Minho and Douro regions in continental Portugal, may be at its origin.

50 Years Of The Madeira Botanical Garden: The Madeira Botanical Garden – Eng Rui Vieira, founded in 1960, has an area of about eight hectares and is endowed with exotic plants. It also houses some endangered plant species. It consists of gardens where plants are organised by collections which let you discover the stunning world of plants and their characteristics.

Flower Festival:Flowers paint the island in a variety of colours; such is their quantity and diversity that this archipelago has gained the name of “Floating Garden in the Atlantic”. As a way to honour these wonders of nature, the Flower Festival is celebrated in the spring, an initiative that is much cherished by residents and tourists alike.

Christmas And New Year Festivities:During the month of December, the Madeira locals intensely engage in the preparations for Christmas and the New Year, turning the island into a full size nativity scene.

Issue Date: 08.08.2016 Designer: Atelier Design&etc / Túlio Coelho Printer: Cartor Security Printing Process: Offset Size: 40 x 30,6 mm Values: E20g

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