New Stamp Booklets from France

Red Cross 2016

france redcross stamp bookletThis 2016 book is in line with the book issued in 2015 whose title was “The French Red Cross in action.”1)This year’s 2016 book focuses on helping the integration or transport of disabled people in the workplace, support for old isolated people, the homeless, the summer and winter, listening to the wounded, learning reading and writing for children, on the stamp, but also for adults, the reception of refugees, first aid.

The book size is 85mm to 165mm

The stamps have a horizontal format 38 mm x 24 mm with serrations / 33 mm to 20 mm without serration (= useful surface is ie printed) The number of stamps: The book is a booklet of 8 stamps.

Issue Date: 02.05.2016 Designer: Corinne Salvi Illustrator: Dumas and Simon Hureau Process: Rotogravure Size: 38 x 24 mm Values: 7.60€


france stamp booklet mineralsThe stamps of this booklet feature 12 minerals. They are found around Paris Panthéon which houses three collections of minerals: those of the National Natural History Museum, one of the UMPC Sorbonne University and the School of Mines Paris Tech. It is thus the most impressive collection of minerals in the world, unique for its diversity, its scientific, historical and aesthetic nature. The twelve mineral on the stamps in this booklet are visible at the mineralogy museum MINES ParisTech.

Issue Date: 08.01.2016 Process: Rotogravure Size: 256 mm x 54 mm  Values: 9.60€

Animals are Watching Us

france stamp booklets animalsThe stamps are illustrated by the eyes of animals. The intention of this book “Animals are watching” is to interpellate on biodiversity. Animals that have been chosen to illustrate the stamps are not necessarily endangered animals. These expressive looks symbolize all animals threatened with extinction now or not. They refer us to our responsibilities, we wonder about their future and the future of the planet. The Union for the international Conservation updates the  red list of threatened species regularly. Thus, one mammal species in four is now (December 2014) at risk of extinction, one in eight birds, one in three amphibians. France is presiding the Climate Conference (Cop21). This booklet supports the concern for the future of the planet, like the book “Together act for preserving the climate”, issued in 2014, for the week of sustainable development.

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