Tiruchi Stamp Exhibition

The Government Museum and Tiruchirappalli Philatelic Club have laid out a vasttiruchi stamp exhibition collection of stamps to present at an expo.N. Ananthi, District Chief Education Officer, inaugurated it this week. The two-day event showcases stamps and postal stationery from philatelic bureaux from India and abroad. A notable collection is a series of stamps and stationery including postcards, inland letters and aerogrammes tracing the life of Mahatma Gandhi. “We have some very rare stamps from British India that are in danger of disintegrating because of their age, and some one-of-a-kind novelty pieces,” P. Vijaykumar, joint secretary, Tiruchirappalli Philatelic Club, said. Among these are stamps made out of khadi besides materials like gold, silver, sand, silk, wood pulp and sea salt. Of the 40 members of the Tiruchi club, 15 are participating in the expo with their personal collections of definitive and commemorative stamps. “Stamp collection is a hobby that helps one to research the history and background of a nation,” he added. “Despite all the forms of modern entertainment available, philately is still popular. Collectors share information on the Internet and social media networks. You can see how printing technology has developed down the ages through stamps.”

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