Isle of Man Issued Stamps to Celebrate Artist Roger Dean

Isle of Man has issued a set of stamps showcasing the artwork of internationally renowned artist and designer Roger Dean. The stamp collection depicts six images from Roger’s exotic landscapes artwork.

The first stamp inspired by the Isle of Man features the painting titled ‘Meeting Place’iom roger dean stamps which has been produced exclusively for the stamp issue.

The second stamp named ‘blind owl late landing’ features the unreleased ‘Blind Owl’ album artwork.

The third stamp from the collection is called ‘Pathways’ and uses the cover artwork for the ‘Yes’ triple album ‘Yessongs’.

‘Green Parrot Island’ is the title of the forth stamp image which is derived from The Studio Albums 1969-1987 box set. 

The penultimate stamp features an image named ‘Tales from Topographic Oceans’ from the ‘Yes’ album cover.

The final stamp image named ‘Sea of Light’ comes from the Uriah Heep album.Born in England in 1944, Roger Dean is well known for his album cover designs, posters and books. He attended Canterbury College of Art and later the Royal College of Art, where he received a first class Master’s Degree and won the silver medal for work of special distinction.

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