New Stamps from New Zealand

Childrens Health

newzealand childrens stampsThis beautifully illustrated stamp issue consists of three stamps that show children in simple, everyday play. Each stamp represents one of the three key areas of exercise that help keep children healthy: aerobic activity, strength building and flexibility. Together, the three stamps form a seamless illustrated image.

Date of Issue: 7 September 2016

It’s a Kiwi Thing

14 unique Kiwi things on one stamp sheet 

newzealand its kiwi stampsThis issue provides a cheery, light-hearted take on the quirky things Kiwis do. Illustrated by Chris Davidson and designed by Graeme Mowday and Jack Faulkner, each of the 14 stamps depicts a comical cartoon scene that is uniquely Kiwi. And with every stamp sheet purchased you’ll receive a free colouring book and pencils for the whole family to enjoy.

Cheeky kea

In other countries tourists worry about their cars being targeted by thieves. But in the great Southern Alps of New Zealand a far greater concern is our friendly alpine parrot – the cheeky kea. Lock down your valuables and hang on to your windscreen wipers, or they’ll be gone before you can say “It’s a Kiwi thing”!

Spotting a kiwi

Our beautiful, flightless, national bird – the kiwi – sure is an elusive beast. With little hope of spotting one in the wild, these nocturnal creatures are ‘apparently’ best viewed in dark rooms. But you might need your night goggles to catch a glimpse!

Landing in windy Wellington

Whether it’s a gale-force northerly driving 100 knots or an icy cold southerly polar blast, a plane landing into the infamous windy Wellington makes for a white-knuckle ride. Be prepared to brace yourself for the roller coaster ride of your life!

The first bungy jump

Whether it was the result of a fateful farming mishap or just a genius idea by a clever Kiwi, the bungy jump put New Zealand on the map for thrill seekers worldwide. Hold on to your hat!

Whale watching

They may spend most of their time underwater, but experts say Kaikoura’s the place to spot a whale surfacing – just make sure you’re facing the right way!

Date of Issue: 7 September 2016

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