India Post Issued Stamps on Orchids

orchids msorchids fdcIndia Post has issued a set of six beautiful stamps ,Miniature sheet and Sheetlets on Orchids.Six stamps depicts Dendrobium,Cypripedium, Esmeralda  and Paphiopedilum Villosum.Price of stamps and MS is 90 Rs.India Post is selling this stamp set through epostoffice.As usual sheetlets are available only in a so called pack cost 2200 Rs.

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3 Responses to India Post Issued Stamps on Orchids

  1. Purushothaman.R says:


    From the recent issues it is clear that philately in India has come to an end.

    Thanks to the intelligent officials and the apathetic government.
    1. Issues with high values are increased manifold making it unaffordable for common men and school children.
    2.To add woes, sheetlets are available only in packs in fancy prices. (I wonder whether it is not covered in MRTP Act.)
    3. Even miniatures are issued in limited quantities making it impossible to get them across the counter.
    4. Issue quantities of sheets. sheetlets and miniatures are totally erratic making it impossible for any philatelist to collect them in required quantity. It enables only the black market.
    The officials responsible in the department are well protected and they continue this malpractice. All the complaint made in this connection has gone in vain. The situation is loss-loss situation for philatelists and the department.
    Is there any hope?

    • ullas jain says:

      Lal Salaam…..
      High value of stamps prevented black marketing.
      Selling special covers through e-post decimated the dealers.
      Selling sheetlets in customised packs enhanced the value of stamps in long run.
      E-post emerged as the boss dealer.

      • Purushothaman says:

        High value stamps should prvent black market. But in practice it hapes otherwise. Hon. black marketeers can hoard a lot of high valued stamps I less space. A parallel market is going on where at times you may get the stamps at discount!. The discount is just to lure you. If the back market is to be stopped the stamp issues should be known in advance and they should be easily available from the day of release across the counter in all the bureaus. There should not be erratic change in the quantity issued. In UK for example there is a network in the post office wherein when a customer approaches a particular bureau and the required stamp is not available the bureau gets the same from the available bureau and supplies to the customer. As a hobby if it is priced high how can one pursue the hobby. In all the bureaux most of the accounts are not supplied with the stamps as the balance in the account is not sufficient to cover the required amount. It is due to sudden huge spike in the stamps values. Keeping high value to prevent black market is like burning the house to get rid of the pest.
        Selling the special covers through epost is a good idea – but not at such premium.
        Selling the sheetlets in pack is not at all ethical. As a genuine collector of sheetlets why should one collect the entire pack with huge premium. Still I wonder why MRTP Act can’t be invoked in this case. Legal experts can look into it.
        The service of the staff in epost ie excellent.
        some technical snag is to be taken care of. Only pricing in packs is totally unacceptable and unethical. Ultimately at later stage new philatelist has to pay huge premium.
        at CHENNAI

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