New Stamps from Romania

Village Museums

romania village museum stampsThe Village Museum was created in 1936 at the initiative of Professor Dimitrie Gusti being one of first ethnographic museums in the world.The postage stamps issue illustrates images of monuments in every season of the year.For each house a season was selected and for every season a story was chosen.

The stamp with the face value of lei 2.00 reproduces the image of the„Sfintii Voievozi” Church from the Rapciuni village, Neamt county, which entered into the „Dimitrie Gusti” National Village Museum’s collection in 1958.The church was built in 1773, in the time of Prince Grigore Ghica, a date that was written in Cyrillic, on the entryway wooden door and on the narthex.

The stamp with the face value of lei 2.40 reproduces the image of theJurilovca Homestead from Tulcea County, 1898.Jurilovca ensemble household is specific of the Lipova style, the local villagers dealing with fishing and viticulture.

The stamp with the face value of lei 8.00 reproduces the image of theSurdesti Homestead, Maramures, 18th century.The homestead, which was transferred to the museum in 1967, dates back to the second half of the 18th century, originating from the Lapus area.

The stamp with the face value of lei 15,00 reproduces the image of theChiojdu-Mic Homestead, Buzau County, 18th century.The house is built on a high foundation of river stone, in which the cellar and tool room are sheltered.

Issue Date: 20.05.2016 Designer: Mihail Vamasescu Process: Offset Colours: 4 Size: Stamp size: 48 x 33 mm, Minisheets size: 134 x 116 mm, Block size: 134 x 100 mm  Values: 2.00 Lei; 2.40 Lei; 8.00 Lei; 15.00 Lei

Sibiu International Theatre Festival

romania theatre festival stampsThe Sibiu International Theatre Festival, the most important theatre and performing arts festival in Romania, supports a creative dialogue at a European and international level. The festival aims to promote Romanian and international theatrical creations of the highest quality by presenting the most important shows of the moment, identifying common value landmarks at a national, European and international level.

The Sibiu Festival of Young Professional Theatre was the occasion on which to see the plays of the most important theatres in the country. All the shows of the first Sibiu Festival were free. Many people crowded the entrances where astonished porters were trying to keep up with a public thirsty for culture.

The two stamps of the issue refer to the graphic elements of the festival’s poster (the masked character) and also to the symbols or Sibiu’s architecture (Council Tower, Potter’s Tower).

Issue Date: 10.06.2016 Designer: Mihail Vamasescu Process: Offset Colours: 5 Size: Stamp size: 48 x 33 mm, Minisheet size: 116 x 113 mm Values: 5.00 Lei; 8.00 Lei

World Stamp Show New York 2016

romania ny 2016 stampThe souvenir sheet of the issue marks Romania’s participation in this exhibition and illustrates within the stamp (through the stamp in stamptechnique), the image of the 27 parale stamp, of the 1858 issue, Auroch’s Head, issued by the Principality of Moldavia. On the illustrated border of the souvenir sheet the logo of the Exhibition, along with national identity elements (the Maramures gate) are presented.

Issue Date: 28.05.2016 Designer: Mihail Vamasescu Process: Offset Colours: 4 Size: Souvenir sheet size: 136 x 93 mm (stamp size: 36 x 36 mm) Values: 15.00 Lei

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