India Post Issued Stamps,MS and Sheetlets on Rio 2016 Olympic Games

india rio olympic stampsindia rio 2016 fdcindia rio 2016 stamp packsIndia Post has released 4 stamps on Olympics Games Rio 2016 on 5th August 2016. The four stamps depicts the images of four different sports namely Badminton, Boxing, Shooting and Wrestling and are of the denominations Rs5, Rs5, Rs25 and Rs25 respectively. A miniature sheet and six sheetlets have also been released under this stamp issue.

Some Questions….

In June 2016 India Post released a set of stamps on Surya Namaskar.Sheetlet of this stamp issue was not provided to philatelic bureaus and PD account holders.E post office is selling this sheetlet at very high price along with a so called pack which includes FDC and MS. Now this is second time that India Post is not providing sheetlets of Rio Olympic stamp issues.Instead of selling individual sheetlets again a pack is introduced which includes 6 sheetlets,1 ms,FDC and brochure.Face value of philatelic material is 1570 Rs and it is being sell in 2200 Rs.India Post is charging money for rough plastic .Full sheet pack and Block 4 packs have also released and available for sell at hyper prices of 350 and 2700 Rs.Now we have some doubts ,with this money game will philatelic base in India not reduced ?Who is responsible for cheating with a philatelist who deposited money in his PD account for sheetlet in advance and not received his desired item in regular supply? We know that India Post officials will never answer these questions but what about philatelic societies and other bodies ?  There is a need of debate on these issues.

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5 Responses to India Post Issued Stamps,MS and Sheetlets on Rio 2016 Olympic Games

  1. ullas jain says:

    E-post emerged as a philatelic dealer.In some ways it is appropriate as it is saving ppl from cheats who charge exhorbitant prices in name of fdc pack containing cancelled fdcs of all bureaux.

  2. Raman Kumar Mandal says:

    Only business not promotion of philately.

  3. Raman Kumar Mandal says:

    Only business not promotion of philately.

    Raman Kumar Mandal

  4. Dinu says:

    Already interest in philately is at lowest ebb. On one hand for sure it may protect general public being fleeced by dealer, on other hand philatelist with long standing account with maximum two sheetlet order , like me, will forcibly be fleeced by Government.
    When I have opened my account long back I have become customer and have entered to an agreement. Is this sudden decision is not a breach of trust? Does not it amount to cheating?
    I have emailed to authority and no response to it till today.
    Sure they can charge but do they certify that cover they are using is 100% Acid free and archival grader. I use Lindner Acid free paper and Hawid mount to preserve my stamps. I have cut open , I could order only one instead of my required two, of Surya Namaskar, the uncertified folder to preserve.
    Have we noticed that if you order a big quantity then 25% discount is offered. So, those who have deep pocket can buy at discount and the charge printed rate pretending to be honest. Parallel can be drawn with our pharmaceutical business.
    This practice seems to be the death nail for Indian Philately.
    Any contra point please

  5. Dinu says:

    Only 4 comments in such controversial issue.
    It can be compared perfectly as the storm in the tea cups.
    Jago grahak jago

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