New Stamps from France

Bridges of Paris

france bridges stampsIssue Date: 18.04.2016 Designer: Claire Blanchard & Agente HUITIEME JOUR Process: Offset Size: 45 x 37 mm Values: 9.90€, 11.90€

Battle of Verdun

france battle of verdum stampCommemoration of the centenary of the Battle of Verdun, in the framework of the centenary of the First World War commemorations. The following are represented on the stamp, left the liberation of Fort Douaumont, right the Verdun Memorial, surrounded by the Germans and French flags to symbolize reconciliation and the Franco-German friendship.

The Battle of Verdun lasted three hundred days and ended on December 15, 1916. 53 million shells were fired. More than two million French and Germans participated, it left 310,000 dead and 400,000 wounded or maimed.

Issue Date: 30.05.2016 Designer: Maël Illustrator: Elsa Catelin (engraving) Process: Taille-douce Size: 60 x 25 mm Values: 0.70€

Assistance Dogs

france assistance dogs stampsThe stamps representing 6 assistance dogs: Border Collies – the Flat Coated Retriever – Golden Retriever – Labrador – Hovawarts – Berger Blanc Suisse.

Issue Date: 19.05.2016 Designer: ©  Illustrator: Photos: Mathilde Laurent – Istockphoto -Shutterstock – Fotolia  Process: Offset Size: 45 x 37 mm Values: 6.50€

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    In July 1875, the postal administration gave the printing of its postage stamps to the Banque de France to reduce the high cost and delays it accused Hulot.

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