New Stamps from Israel

Rio 2016 Olympic Games

israel olympic stampsAerial Wrfare

israel aerial warfare stampsIn early 1915, the Ottoman military waged a campaign in the Sinai Peninsula, intending to conquer the Suez Canal. But the attack failed and the Turks were forced to retreat back to Eretz Israel. During the retreat the Turkish force was attacked repeatedly by British aircraft stationed in the Suez Canal area and since it had no planes of its own, the Ottoman army was powerless against these strikes.

Service Dogs

Guide dogs allow blind people to be independent and increase their self confidence. They are chosen from breeds that have proven over time to be suited to working with blind humans.

israel service dogs stamps In Israel most guide dogs are Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers or a combination of the two. Training guide dogs is very expensive. While there are approximately 26,000 blind people living in Israel today, only some 300 currently have guide dogs.

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