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Halley Comet

romania halley comet stampThis postage stamp issue represents the overprint of the souvenir sheet of the issue The Return of Halley’s Comet, in 1986.Halley’s Comet is the most famous of the periodic comets, and could be seen about every 75 – 76 years. The comet received the English astronomer’s name, Edmond Halley. By applying Newton’s gravitational theory and taking into account the gravitational effects of Jupiter and Saturn, he managed to establish the approximate date of the next reversion of the comet.The firsts sighting of Halley’s Comet could not be calculated, but the first mentions of it were made by the Chinese in 611 BC. It was observed in 467 BC and 240 BC.

Issue Date: 22.04.2016 Designer: Mihai Manescu Process: Gold overprint Colours: 1 – Colour process on foil Size: 105 x 81 mm (stamp size: 33 x 48 mm) Values: 31 Lei


romania butterflies stampsThe Large Copper (Lycaena dispar):Vanished from Great Britain ever since 1864, the species name (dispar– disappear) refers to the “disparity” of the two sexes’ appearance: the male is metallic copper, while the female is opaque yellow-red on the anterior wing and dark brown on the posterior wing. The butterfly is protected in the EU, therefore in Romania, as well.

 The Chequered Blue Butterfly (Scolitantides orion):Originally, Orion was a character from Greek mythology – a giant hunter who after a series of adventures is converted into a constellation with the same name. The justification for using a giant’s name for a tiny butterfly the size of a thumbnail is that the authors who founded the entomology in the 18th century used a mnemonic system for naming the species, inspired by Greek and Latin mythology.Thus, the large and sumptuously colored butterflies were assigned the name of first rank mythological characters – such as Apollo, Odysseus and Achilles, while tiny species were associated with characters from the lower society: shepherds, hunters, sailors, peasants.

The Silver-Studded Blue (Plebejus argus) is one of the most common species of a group called “the blues”: the male is metallic-dark-blue, and the female is blackish. In Romania dozens of species of “the blues” are known.

 Silver Washed Fritillary (Argynnis paphia) is a typical representative of the “fritillaries” – reddish-yellow with rows of black dots above and underneath with silvery-ivory patches or characteristic lines, different from one species to another. The scientific names of the various species of fritillaries are mostly inspired by the many nicknames of the goddess Aphrodite (Venus, for Romans).

Issue Date: 15.04.2016 Designer: Vlad Vamasescu Process: Offset Colours: 4 Colours Size: Stamp size: 52 x 42 mm, Minisheets size: 176 x 104 mm, Block size: 144 x 137 mm (in philatelic album) Values: 3 Lei; 3.50 Lei; 5 Lei; 15 Lei

 125 Years in the Inter-Parliamentary Union

In the political and social context of the late 19th century, the need to create a forum of national parliaments, which would advocate for world peace, was identified.Thus, tworomania interparliamentry union stamp parliamentarians, William Randal Cremer (United Kingdom) and Frédéric Passy (France), supporters of peace, took the initiative of creating a worldwide inter-parliamentary forum.

At the meeting which took place in the summer of 1889, in Paris, the two were joined by 11 parliamentarians from Italy, Belgium, Spain, Denmark, Hungary, USA, Liberia, 55 from France and 28 from Great Britain. They decide that the meeting turn into a permanent institution, initially bearing the name of Inter-Parliamentary Conference, and later the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU).

For their initiative, but also for their work in supporting collaboration between parliamentarians and Parliaments of the world, Cremer and Passy have received a Nobel Peace Prize.

The Inter-Parliamentary Union is today a global organization that brings together 170 parliaments of the Member States and 11 associate members, acting in favor of peace and international cooperation.

The major objectives of the IPU materialize due to contacts, coordination and exchanges between parliaments by addressing issues of global concern such as international peace and security, human rights, youth involvement, gender equality, sustainable development by means of dialogue, cooperation and action at a parliamentary level.

The Romanian Parliament joined IPU in 1891, at the Third Inter Parliamentary Conference held in Rome.

Issue Date: 18.04.2016 Designer: Mihai Vamasescu Process: Offset Colours: 4 Colours Size: Stamp size: 48 x 33 mm, Minisheets size: 158 x 123 mm, Perforated souvenir sheet size: 125 x 102 mm (stamp size: Ø 30 mm) Values: 3 Lei; 12 Lei

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