Pafos2017: New Cyprus Stamps Competition

cyprus profos exhibitionOrganisers of Pafos2017 and the Cyprus Post have issued a calling for artists as they look to launch a new series of commemorative stamps ahead of next year when the two will be declared the European Capital of Culture.

According to the organisers, the aim of the competition is to have artists prepare sketches out of which three will be chosen to be issued as a commemorative stamp series in May 2017, as part of the celebrations for the European Capital of Culture – Pafos2017.

The issuing of the stamps aims at promoting the largest cultural institution of Europe through the promotion, on an international level, not only of Pafos but Cyprus as a whole, by highlighting the three thematic sections of the cultural programme of the European Capital of Culture – Pafos2017.

Myth and Religion

World Travellers

Stages of the Future

Terms and Conditions of the competition

1 .   The sketches must be presented in A5 size.
2.    The sketches can be either colour or black&white.
3.    Text stamps are prohibited.
4.    Each artist must present a complete proposal, which will include all three themes of the series.
5.    Each artist has the right to present up to three complete, different proposals for every series.
6.    All proposals (deposition of a series of three in total, based on the three thematic sections mentioned above) must be sent electronically by 15 July 2016, to the Marketing and Communication Department of the Organisation European Capital of Culture – Pafos2017 (Email: Subject: Pafos2017 Commemorative Stamp Series, Email: Name & contact information (telephone, address).
7.    Participation is open to all artists living in Cyprus.
8.    At first, the Pafos2017 Organisation will select four proposals whose sketches meet the thematic sections.
9.    In the second stage, the four most prevalent proposals will be presented before the Director or a representative of the Postal Services Department and the plenary of the Philatelic Advisory Committee for the final selection.
10.    The Committee has the right to choose sketches either from one artist or from different artists that meet the three thematic sections mentioned above.
11.    The artist/s selected will receive a 150 Euro prize for every thematic section.
12.    The artistic direction will be undertaken by an experienced artist in designing stamps, who will be chosen by the Postal Services Department.
13.    If there is no sufficient number of suitable sketches to be issued, there will be a direct assignment to an artist for the designing of the stamps.

For more information you may contact Ms Anastazia Anastasiou, Marketing & Communication Officer, at 26 New personalized stamps on animals from Papua New Guinea955167 or via email

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