New Definitive Stamps Leaving Many  Mysteries

makers of india stampsBy Anil Kr Pujara

Every philatelist expected that new definitive series will come after the new government came in power. In fact it was due also. But the way n the manner in which new definitive stamps are being released/issued is not only surprising but shocking too. In the past it has never happened that without any notification, a definitive is released. No date of release is known to anyone. It is not supplied in a systematic manner to the Post Offices on regular basis. No first day cover is prepared by India Post.No special Post Mark is made available in Post Offices/ Bureaus. Philatelists are deprived of making value addition to their collection of FDCs. These definitive stamps will find their place in the history of Philately but their Date of Release will remain a mystery. Further rarely it has happened that big no n various of definitive stamps have been issued of the same denomination n in the same series. What is the motive of India Post? Is their any calculative motive behind this or lack of vision? Is it really a step towards promoting philately?

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3 Responses to New Definitive Stamps Leaving Many  Mysteries

  1. ullas jain says:

    You shld meet President,PM & concerned minister in this regard and obtain information.After that you shld share the information with readers of Philamirror.

  2. Hemant Kulkarni USA says:

    Condidering the number of postage stamps issued by IPS each year on individuals (not necessarily only in politics) would send a dedicated Philstelist go nearly bankrupt if he/she should buy them each and also have them cancelled on FDCs to build a dedicated collection of own. And I mean some even go to the extent of having them cancelled as SETENENTS is to me absolutely mind boggling for the permitetions and combinations possible -as cited for example in this picture. Now how about ‘Mahatma Gandhi’ alone for a subject per year? Amazing!!!!

  3. Anil k kejriwal says:

    Well said Mr Pujara. Your concern is the concern of all the philatelist.

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