Croatia Issued Stamps on  Zadar

croatia zadar stampsZadar is in its own way an exemplary monument of suffering and renewal. One should only remember the taking of this Christian town in 1202 by the crusaders, which served – in spite of all excommunications by pope – to pay for the transport costs to Venice. Or, the destruction of the 80% of the historic town tissue by the Allies in the Second World War.  Or, the most recent shelling and destruction in the Homeland War. No renewal was able to restore to full measure what had been lost, but it gave to the new time a chance to explain the remembered.

In the case of two works by the architect Nikola Bašić, they are an absolute novelty: but at the same time they also include that remembered. Both works actually are a continuance on the heritage of Zadar: because that heritage contained a number of highest formative and spiritual values intended for public space – a space of social community.

Issue Date: 01.06.2016 Designer: Ljubica Marčetić-Marinović, designer from Zadar Printer: Zrinski d.d., Čakovec Process: Multicolor Offset Printing Colours: 4 Colours Size: 48.28 x 29.82 mm Values: 2.80 / 4.60 HRK

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