Kiribati  Issued Stamp on NY 2016

kiribati ny 2016 stampThe Pacific island nation of Kiribati issued four stamps on 28 May 2016 combining local scenes with the Statue of Liberty logo of  World Stamp Show NY 2016the international stamp show taking place May 28-June 4 in New York City.

The stamps also reflect the theme days of the show. For example, for Armed Forces Day, the theme for May 30, a $3 stamp shows the war memorial for the more than 1,000 Americans who gave their lives during the Battle of Tarawa, fought in November 1943, on Betio.

The $1.25 stamp intended for use in the philatelic passport at the exhibition pictures an island scene, and 25¢ and 75¢ stamps depict young people participating in Independence Day celebrations.All of the stamp designs are based on photographs taken by Gwynneth and Hugh Bennet.

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