New Stamps from Greenland

Aviation VI

greenland aviation stampsWith these two stamps Greenland ends the series that began in 2011. The series comprises a total of 12 stamps with designs of aircraft and helicopters, all of which have been used in Greenland from the late 1950s to today. The stamps have all been printed in combined offset and intaglio.

Issue Date: 12.05.2016 Designer: Martin Mörck Process: Offset and Intaglio Colours: 4 Colours Values: DKK 15.00, 24.50

Sports in Greenland I

greenland sports stampsToday there are several sporting events which also entice participants from abroad, including the Arctic Circle Race – it is termed as one of the world’s toughest cross-country races. Qajaq championship takes place every year in different places in Greenland. The Alpine sport Greenland Championship is also held as an annual event.

Issue Date: 12.05.2016 Designer: Miki Jacobsen Colours: 4 Colours Values: DKK 0.75, 25.50, 39.00

Definitive series 2016

greenland definitive stampsThe definitive series will be continued now with the two new stamps G588 and G589, bearing the values of DKK 2.00 and DKK 50.00. In October 2012 the definitive stamp series featuring Her Majesty the Queen’s portrait was issued with the add on values DKK 0.50 and DKK 1.00. On 21st October 2013 the stamp design was reproduced again with the top-value DKK 10.00. In May 2015 the definitive stamps were issued with the values DKK 5.00 and DKK 20.00.

Issue Date: 12.05.2016 Designer: Martin Mörck Colours: 4 Colours Values: DKK 2.00, 50.00

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