Estonia Issued Stamps on Folk Costumes

estonia folk costumes stampsEstonia has issued two stamps on 14th April 2016 featuring Audru and Tostamaa of the mid 18th century.The postage stamps feature Parnu County folk costumes – Audru woman and man and Tostamaa girl and woman.

Parnu is a beautiful historic seaside town in West-Estonia. The warm sea and fine sandy beach has been the trademark of Parnu for over 170 years.Like in Tostamaa, various decorative ribbons were sewn to the lower edge of the skirt. A few great fur coats have been found for the museum. They are the most stylish ones in Estonia. Red slantwise strips on the chest are characteristic for Tostamaa, they can also be found on cardigans.

The Tostamaa long recess coifs have been called tube coifs. Some of them are white, some flowery. The winter cap was edged with fur. Such red caps have been found also from other parts of Estonia. The so-called rosy mittens and stockings are particularly beautiful.

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