New Stamps from Taiwan

Chinese Paintings on Tea

  1. taiwan chinese paintings stampsTea Grinding, by Liu Songnian from the Song dynasty; Hanging scroll (NT$5): The stamp takes a portion of the left side of the painting, which captures how tea was made in the Song dynasty. One hand-mills tea into powder, with a tea ladle and a brush close at hand. Another holds a cup in his left hand as he pours tea from a teapot with his right hand. In front of the table there is a stove, its fire lit, with a handled pot of water boiling on top of it.
  2. Lu Tong Brewing Tea by Qian Xuan from the Song dynasty; Hanging scroll (NT$15): The use of reddish clay Yixing teapots to brew tea, as shown in the painting, came into vogue in the middle of the Ming dynasty. One is tending the flames of the stove, where water is being boiled in a single-handled pot. To the side is a double-leveled reddish clay handled pot. The central figure in white clothing is the Tang dynasty poet Lu Tong. By his side are a three-legged reddish clay teapot, a white ceramic tea bowl, a red lacquered tea-bowl stand and some books. The painting presents a classic scene of hermit scholars gathering to discuss literature over tea.
  3. Tasting Tea by Wen Zhengming from the Ming dynasty; Hanging scroll (NT$25): This painting shows friends drinking tea before expected rainfall. In an elegant thatched hut, two figures chat while drinking tea. Outside, a figure is coming across a bridge. The painting is a charming representation of how the literati would gather to have tea.

Date of Issue:5 May 2016

South China Sea Peace Initiative of the Republic of China 

taiwan south china stampsTo demonstrate the ROC’s determination to safeguard its sovereignty over the South China Sea Islands and their surrounding waters, and reflecting how the nation has peacefully managed Taiping Island for years, Chunghwa Post is issuing a set of four postage stamps. The designs follow:
1. NT$5 stamp: The theme of this stamp is sovereignty. The background shows the location of the South China Sea Islands and Taiwan in blue gradients. At the fore is a memorial plaque on Taiping Island, on which is inscribed, “Peace in the South China Sea and our national territory secure forever.” The stamp elucidates both the nation’s sovereignty claim over the South China Sea Islands and their surrounding waters and its willingness to resolve disputes peacefully.

  1. NT$9 stamp: The theme is peace. In the background is Taiping Lighthouse, completed in December 2015, while to the fore is Nansha Hospital. The lighthouse ensures navigational safety for ships in surrounding waters, while the hospital offers emergency treatment. This stamp highlights the nation’s role as a humanitarian aid provider and beacon of peace.
  2. NT$13 stamp: The theme is low carbon. In the rear is the island’s photovoltaic system overlaid with the Taiping Island national monument and flourishing vegetation in the front. These symbolize the nation’s resolve to combat climate change and fulfill its responsibility by equipping the island with renewable energy.
    4. NT$15 stamp: The theme is environmental friendliness. The background depicts the ecotrail that circumnavigates Taiping Island; the island’s farm, lantern trees, wells, chickens and goats are to the fore. The indigenous giant arbors, abundant freshwater from the wells, and cultivated crops and domesticated animals show how well Taiping Island supports human habitation.

Date of Issue:5 May 2016

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