Tristan d Kunha Issued Stamps on 90th B’Day of Queen Elizabeth

tristan d kunha stamps

Part of a multination series called “90 Years of Style,” these terrific stamps highlight various stages of the queen’s life and come in denominations of 35 pence, 40p, 90p and £1.10. The single stamp in the souvenir sheet is denominated £3.

The stamp designs show the queen attending a garden party in Melbourne, Australia, 1954 (35p); at Balmoral Castle in Scotland, 1952 (40p); during an official tour of Saudi Arabia, 1979 (90p); and attending a service to mark the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible at Westminster Abbey, 2011 (£1.10).

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One Response to Tristan d Kunha Issued Stamps on 90th B’Day of Queen Elizabeth

  1. Hemant Kulkarni USA says:

    If someone should receive a stamped mail from this here to unheard of country, it ought to become an instant collector’s item. It’s one thing for Englsnd to issue stamps related to its queen but to see it’s colonies doing the same is amazing, including by Canada and Australia etc. Where is India in this sort of stamps issuing?

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