One More Miracle by India Post: Stamp Booklets Released without Stamps

stamp bookletsBy Anil Kr Pujara

Recently I came to know that Chief Master Genaral Odisha Circle Bubneshwar issued a set of 8 booklets. The booklets are issued on various themes namely (1) Vibrant india (2) Children Day (3) India-UN Women He for She (4)Zoological Survey of India, (5) International Fleet Review, (6)India-Singapore Joint Issue,(7) Samrat Ashok, (8) Charkha. I really wonder whether anyone in India Post really knows the meaning, format n purpose of issuing Booklet. To the best of my knowledge n belief though I dont claim to be an authority on the subject and would like to share little knowledge that I could acquire n gather on the subject, a booklet should have one or more stamp, should have detailed not vey exhaustive but still really sufficient information on the subject of stamp/stamps n folder to ensure safe upkeep n easy carrying of the same. With this background, I would like to say very few booklets issued by India Post qualify to be rightly categorized as Booklet-a philatelic material. However my issue is involved is not this in this topic at this juncture. I want to bring it to the notice of all how desperate our India Post is in finishing this Hobby the so called Hobby of Kings n King of Hobbies. I sent the money to get one set of 8 booklets n what I got was empty folders with the clarifications that since on most of the subjects, stamps are not available in stock, hence these blank folders are being sent which are otherwise finished in stock. I was advised to arrange the relevant stamps from other bureaus at my own. When enquired, I was informed that out of 8 topics on which so called booklets were issued, no one was supplied any stamp on 4 topics. Only 4 types of booklets were supplied with stamps on the subject. I really wonder India Post is doing justice to the hobby. Has any one ever in India Post really gone deep into the subject of Booklet n seen the booklet issued by Other Countries?

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9 Responses to One More Miracle by India Post: Stamp Booklets Released without Stamps

  1. Hemant Kulkarni says:

    In USA, USPS issues these type of colorful booklets, printed with wealth of information on each of the stamp. Included are every one of these Genuine Postage stamps in a loose format that can be mounted on them using ‘Plastic Sleeves’ (not the hinges that typically ruin such beauties over time). Indian stamp collectors seem CRAZY for Individual States print whatever that comes to their mind (like so called ‘Special Covers’ -a relatively new craze that rest of the world laughs at because THESE ARE NOT RECOGNIZED in philatelic exhibitions and competitions. Why: The stamp(s) getting cancelled on them with fancy impressions usually have NO RELATION whatsoever to the Special Cover. THAT’S A ‘NO NO’. In short it’s waste of a postage stamp and the cost of these special covers too (not to mention your trip to buy them). Aren’t there any intellectuals in India that can reveal the fraud that’s going on with these Special Covers of ZERO value, except RUINING a real IPS postage stamp of its face value? The bottom line: Shun these type of releases and STICK (pun intended) to WHAT IPS issues and NOT the local or state philatelic bureaus sell in its region! My guess about THE MIRACLE cited above is, it is intended that way!

  2. N. A. Mirza says:

    It’s ridiculous

  3. Anil k kejriwal says:

    It is nothing new for India Post. Excellent coverage here by Mr Pujara. Better reply to India post is not to buy these type of products.


    Sir, iatureamount
    I can assure you that the publication of booklets without stamps is absolutely in line with the policy of our esteemed Post. The book ‘India’ issued at a price of Rs.5,500 a few years back was not having many stamps. The missing stamps varied from one book to another. A simple type of fraud on gullible philatelist. I had to purchase them from the market paying additional amount . If it is proper it is a miracle. With all these efforts of our esteemed Post still the philately is alive. This is the great miracle.

  5. shiv garg says:

    Dear Sh.Pujara ji,
    Indiapost indeed has done a miracle but it’s not a surprise, it’s doing such miracles everyday since long. You are a senior most Philatelist who knows everything about indiapost. Actually indiapost itself alongwith it’s officers and staff, all are miracles. Indiapost send Philatelic materials by registered post to its PD account holders but the recipient get an empty cover. Just see no one ever held responsible though it occurs daily and senior most officers protect their fellow workers, its all look like a joint operation by all within indiapost.


      As a philatelist having accounts in many major bureaux, I can still tell you that the staff and officials are really sincere and do their best to serve the customers. Of course mistake do happen, but I believe that is not intentional.Due to the mistake I also lost some times. But still I strongly believe they are not at all intentional. In many occasion the mistakes are rectified and the missing items are replaced. Through this newsletter may I request your readers to share their experience with the Bureaux – both positive and negative. It will encourage the best practices

  6. vinayak Awate says:

    All philatelist should ban this type of activities organised by INDIA POST

  7. DR PRADEEP JAIN says:

    Dear philatelists, till date about 230 booklets are officially issued but how many of them are actually fulfilling the criterion of booklet.Booklets are prepared for our ease to use stamps,should contain different denomination stamps and it should be issued at face value of stamps.1980 and 1989 booklets by Indiapost were real booklets.

  8. Hemant Kulkarni says:

    As far as REST OF THE WORLD IS CONCERNED an official booklet issued by a country’s postal service should be released by it and NOT an arm of a Postal Service -such as Bhubaneshvar cited here. Those booklets are PRACTICALLY USELESS and of ZERO value, perhaps good for innocent CHILDREN getting introduced for Philately as a hobby. Here in the USA such booklets are issued FOR FREE by USPS and anyone can pick them up at a MAJOR city post office (I receive it by mail at home for FREE). It contains absolutely great information on most recent stamps and the aim behind it is to entice a reader to BUY those stamps, which is SMART BUSINESS. By the way, those SPECIAL COVERS I SEE on your website with unrelated themed stamps cancelled on them ALSO HAVE ZERO VALUE in the eyes of those WHO KNOW GENERAL RULES of what a Cover should mean. WHAT A WASTEDFUL COUNTRY INDIA HAS BEEN in lavishly spending their money chasing worthless Covers and Booklets!!!!!

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