Israel Issued Stamps on Markets

Acre Market

israel acre market stampIn the center of the ancient city of Acre, lies a lovely market. Its winding alleys lead to the picturesque fishing port.The market was first built in the 18th century, during the rule of Daher el-Omar, and was then renovated and expanded by the governor of Acre Suleiman Pasha. While strolling along the winding main street of the market, visitors encounter craftsmen, perfume makers, silversmiths and bakers. The market offers a diverse choice of restaurants – Middle Eastern, excellent humus, fish and seafood. Numerous historical sites are located near the market:  The Knights’ Halls and Templars’ Tunnels, the ancient Turkish bath, the ancient Khan al-Umdan inn and the prominent al Jazzar Mosque.

Flea Market Jaffa

The Flea Market in Jaffa is known for its vibrant character, offering visitors a diverseisrael flea market stamp range of wares in an authentic flea market atmosphere. The market was founded in the 1880’s on land owned by the Greek Orthodox church and was called Suk-a-Dayar (The Monastery Market). Over the years, the market grew and expanded. Its current ambiance and name were established in the 1950’s. tapestries, colorful fabrics and lots of finds for collectors. In the courtyard peddlers display secondhand goods, used clothing, tools, old books and many people come to search the piles laid out on temporary stalls or on the stone floor. The shops offer Persian rugs, antique furniture, jewelry and tapestries, colorful fabrics and lots of finds for collectors

Mahane Yehuda Market, Jerusalem

israel mahane yehuda market stampThe Mahane Yehuda Market in Jerusalem has existed since the mid-19th century, when the first Jewish neighborhoods were built along Jaffa Road. It began as a temporary market operated by residents of nearby Arab villages who came to sell their produce. In the early 20th century the market began to expand. Jewish merchants built buildings and stores between Jaffa Rd. and Agripas St. During this period the market was given its current name, “Mahane Yehuda”, after the adjacent neighborhood. Today the market is extensive, diverse, vibrant and lively and it has become a tourist attraction. It is a popular market with colorful merchants and customers. Alongside its traditional activity and simple restaurants, today Mahane Yehuda market offers gourmet restaurants, cafés, pubs and boutiques selling clothes and jewelry.

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