Hong Kong Issued Stamps on Public Architecture

hongkong architecture stamps$1.70: Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence :The museum, converted from the Lei Yue Mun Fort, affords visitors a glimpse of Hong Kong’s coastal defence history. A tensile fabric canopy is stretched over an open courtyard, while the entrance to the redoubt has been restored to its original form with a new footbridge over the defence ditch.

$2.20:Victoria Park Swimming Pool :The design concept was inspired by water ripples, which were manifested on the exterior of the complex. The curvilinear glass façade increases the transparency of the building and is crafted to reinforce the motif of water ripples.

$2.90: Sai Kung Waterfront Park:The waterfront park involves conversion of an existing park in a prime location in Sai Kung Town into a place with a Volcano Discovery Centre, alfresco dining areas, a chess garden and sitting-out areas.

$3.10: Ping Shan Tin Shui Wai Leisure and Cultural Building : The simple design of the building cultivates a style of tradition fusing with modernity. The five-storey indoor swimming pool and sports centre is basically orientated inwards, while the eight-storey library is orientated outwards with a glass curtain wall for a wider view.

$3.70: Hong Kong Wetland Park : Blended into the natural setting of the surrounding environment, the structures of the Visitor Centre of the Hong Kong Wetland Park are mainly built in fairface concrete, with a purposely designed landscape roof, and timber louvres providing multiple layers of shade.

$5: Electrical and Mechanical Services Department Headquarters : The headquarters have been converted from the former Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminal 2 building in Kowloon Bay. The existing external walls of the main elevations have been transformed into “environmental façades” with ventilated double-layered curtain walls for the upper floors and metal sunshades for the lower floors.

Issue Date 31st March 2016

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