Netherland  Issued Stamps on Comic Characters Tom Poes and Olivier B. Bommel

netherland comic stampsThe Netherland has issued two stamps on the 75th anniversary of comic book heroes Tom Poes and Oliver B. Bommel.Comic book author, Marten Toonder’s two comic strip heroes are depicted in a colourful and recognisable way on the silver stamps.

“Tom Poes” was a funny animal comic, published in text comics format. The main protagonists are Tom Poes, a white anthropomorphic cat, and his best friend, lord Oliver B. Bumble (Olivier B. Bommel in Dutch). Because of Bommel’s popularity among readers the series is sometimes referred to as the Bommelsaga as well. Oliver B. Bumble (Olivier B. Bommel in Dutch language) is a fictional anthropomorphic bear and one of the two main characters, the other being Tom Puss (Tom Poes in Dutch) in an originally Dutch series of comic books bearing the name of either one main characters in their name, written by Marten Toonder.

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