Israel Issued Stamps on Printing Technology

israel stampsDigital Prepress Stamp:Using the image of a pomegranate that represents “Israeliness”, the stamp illustrates the four color separations, magneta, yellow, cyan and black. The core of the digital process is symbolically represented through the richness of the color of the laser beams being shone on the printing plates. The stamp tab image illustrate a magnified image of a CMYK rosette comprised of color dots at various angles.

Digital Printing Stamp:Using an image of a promegranate, this stamp illustrates the indigo digital printing process where every image can be different in both color and shape. It also features a diagram of the inside of an indigo press.thw tab shows the advanced Indigo 1000 press.

All of this changed in 1993, when Indigo, an Israeli company, launched the world’s first high-quality digital press, the E-Print 1000 which revolutionized the printing industry. Indigo’s digital press was able to print a small number of copies, or different images, easily and economically without compromising print quality.

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